Mid-October seems to be an auspicious time of change for me. This date will ALWAYS be present in my heart.
On this day, TWO years ago I loaded the cats and myself into the car and headed on a brand new adventure taking me here, to Colorado. Just over a month later, I met my beloved sweetheart, Jaice. About ONE YEAR after that, we decided to get married and now, TWO YEARS LATER, almost to the day that I drove out of San Francisco, we closed on our dream farm house – Crown Hill Farm –  and will be there by the end of the month.
So, yeah. October seems to be a special time for me. Just like the changes of season, releasing the old leaves to prepare for new growth, I prepare to let go of the life I’ve made these past two years to step up into the coming growth (both internal and physically with our farm). Once again, packing and looking at what I’m ready to let go.
I’m also aware of what I *think* I’m not quite ready to let go of just yet. The wisdom, guidance and solace that these mountains and rivers provide for me. The beauty and magic that I find all around here in Colorado. Those are more difficult to say goodbye to. And so I sit with the question of how to remain connected to the spirit I’ve fallen so deeply in love with here even as I build a new relationship with a new piece of land. Even when I know that Mother Earth is earth is earth– all the same being… it’s different in other places.
It just is.
October is a time of change and transformation for me. A time where I feel most connected with spirit and with myself. It’s a time of year that I begin the inward journey of winter and I find it is the easiest to hear my soul’s whisperings. And, right now, my soul is still whispering to the rivers, and mountains and golden aspens before she’s ready to whisper to her farmhouse and lands that are waiting for us- ready for our help in bursting new life and growth.
Yes, October is a big month. Its my favorite month, actually. I thrive in the autumn as I will these next two weeks of transition.